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8th Tactical Fighter Wing Patch - Used and removed from a uniform this group was known as the Wolfpack based out of Ubon Thailand. $35

1st Cavalry Patch - Used and some material has rotted away on this 1st Cav cap patch 1/4 the size of a standard patch. Vietnamese machine embroidered. $45

189th Assault Helicopter Company Patch - The Ghost Riders were active in Vietnam from 1967 to 1971 in the II Corps Region and directly supported the 4th Infantry Division. A near perfect, hand embroidered unused patch. SOLD$100

Spectre AC-130 Patch - Machine embroidered patch for early Air Force AC-130 gunship crew members. Their mission was originally designed to drop flares when night attacks occured on Special Forces camps and hamlets. Spectre evolved as machine guns were fired from the side of the ship as it made an arc around the target with devastating results. SOLD$250

405th Fighter Wing Patch - Thai embroidered for the 405th Fighter Wing with the motto "Novere Et Aggredi" or "Deploy and Attack". $50

1st Cavalry Division Shoulder Patch - Japanese made SSI and airborne arc still on uniform material (cut by veteran) directly from soldier as worn in Vietnam. $50

Southeast Asia War Games Novelty Patch - Thai made novelty patch with peace sign and Cambodian and Laotian motifs. SOLD$65

Vietnamese jump wing - Hand-embroidered South Vietnamese jump wing used by South Vietnamese Special Forces (LLDB) and USSF. Off a uniform. $50

2nd Infantry Regiment Patch/Hanger - Vietnamese hand embroidered hanger for the 2nd Infantry Regiment, part of 1st Infantry Division at Lai Khe; one of the more ornate insignia with the motto Noli Me Tangere (Touch Me Not); exceptionally large patch at 4 inches in length/ 5.5 inches with the hanger; Cheap Charlie hand embroidered and in the hanger exactly how these patches were used by the troops. $120

16th Cavalry Regiment Patch - Rare velvet applique border on the 16th Cavalry Troop C (Air), 1st Platoon, known as the Four Horseman. $150

CCN Bomburst Patch - Rare, cherry red bomburst patch for Command and Control North, MACV-SOG. SOLD $950

Project Delta Patch - Delta ran cross border recon for the CIA into Laos and Cambodia. Great camp patch with hand embroidered details. $250

Special Forces Pocket Hanger - Super tough to find as an original, there are many Cheap Charlie repros of this patch. I've only seen two originals I trust and this is the only one in a wartime hanger. $300

ARVN Jump Wing - Super rare VN machine embroidered wing off a uniform; These are the wings everyone is looking to collect. The vast majority of patches currently on the market were never used because they are surplus or were made for collectors. $150

C Troop, 7th Squadron,17th Cavalry Patch - Super rare patch but still a tough to find Cheap Charlie machine embroidered version. The patch is massive at 4.5 inch diameter. $175

175th Aviation Company Patch - The Mavericks were the gunships for the Outlaws of the 175th Aviation in the Mekong Delta region (IV Corps). These Army helicopter pilots were in-country early and trained other units including the Navy HAL-3 unit. One of the rarest helicopter patches in multi-colored chainstitch with the Vietnamese term "Sat Cong" for "Kill Communists". $1000

509 Cambodian Brigade Patch - Super rare patch fully embroidered. $125

147th Aviation Company Patch - Super rare patch for the Hillclimbers, the first CH-47 Chinook unit to fly in Vietnam based at Vung Tau in December 1965. $175

Task Group 70.8 Patch - Japanese embroidered 7th Fleet jacket patch off a uniform for the Cruiser-Destroyer Group. SOLD$145

River Section 542 Patch - Many patches from the Vietnam war were worn on camp jungle jackets, but those from the PBR forces were also worn into combat. This rare Japanese made Section 542 patch is off a uniform and early, so it's rare to find one that has survived. Center of any PBR patch collection, this is directly from my own collection. $1500

309th Air Commando Squadron (ACS) Scroll - Early in its history (1965), the 309th ACS flew Ranch Hand missions to defoliate the jungle and supported the Marines during the seige of Khe Sanh. Rare, early Vietnamese hand embroidered under scroll. $150

Caspser's Viet Cong Hunt Club Patch - Casper Aviation Platoon was the only Seperate aviation platoon in the US Army during the Vietnam war supporting the 173rd Airborne Sky Soldiers. Lean, mean and tough, these aviation assets were armed to the teeth and brought forward for reconnoitering to protect their troopers on the ground in the Central Highlands. Super rare patch and used in-country. 99% of these are found as Cheap Charlies, but not this beauty. SOLD $450

12th Battalion 4th Infantry Regiment Patch - Rare variant to South Vietnamese 2nd Infantry Division; hand painted stencil on cloth. $320

8th Air Commando Patch - Super rare Vietnamese hand embroidered patch for A-37B Dragonfly close air support program of the VNAF. Great details to the camoflagued plane. SOLD$175

Dong Xuan PRU Patch - Super rare Vietnamese hand embroidered patch for the Provincial Recon Unit (PRU) for Dong Xuan Province. $Price on Request

505th Airborne Infantry Pocket Patch - Super rare Vietnamese embroidered patch for the 505th Airborne Infantry Regiment known as the "Panthers" assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division at Hue. $450

Laotian Airborne Mobile Group 21 Patch - Great pre-1968 patch for Laotian GM 21, one of the three permanent airborne regiments, GM15, GM21 & GM802. $230

Aviation Materiel Management Center Patch - Early Army AMMC patch removed from a uniform. All Vietnamese hand embroidered...salty and slightly sun faded. $75

173rd Airborne Pocket Patch - Super rare Vietnamese hand-made 173rd pocket patch in a square configuration used to distinguish LRRP units. One of a kind patch from my collection. $340

174th Aviation Company Patch Hanger - 174th Aviation Compnay is nearly impossible to find as a used patch. Here is a rare pocket hanger that has seen lots of use in the unforgiving environments of Vietnam. Tough patch to find in a hanger. SOLD$320

U.S. Air Force Pedro Patch - USAF Rescue helicopters were used at large land bases to quickly rescue downed aviators close to the airstrip but isolated by terrain or jungle. Burlap backed and extremely hard to find patch for these small units. $250

Naval Advisory Unit - Thick Vietnamese machine embroidered patch for the Naval Advisory Unit at Nha Be. Hard to find late war patch. $125

MACV Defense Force - Uncut MACV defense force patch. $120

HML-367 Patch - Marine helicopter unit 367 fought in I Corps using initially Huey UH1E to support Marine, U.S. Army, MACV-SOG and ARVN units, and then switching to all AH-1G Cobra gunships under the "Scarface" call sign. RARE Japanese made patch. SOLD

U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Gresham Patch - The High Endurance Cutter (WHEC) Gresham was the flagship for the newly formed Coastal Surveillance Force known as MARKET TIME (Task Force 115), one of the most successful operations in Vietnam combat history. Japanese embroidery, giant 5 inch patch removed from a uniform. Super RARE. SOLD

5/60th Mechanized Infantry Patch - Pocket hanger for the 60th Infantry Regiment, part of the 9th Infantry Division in IV Corps. They used the mottos "Rolling Recon" and "King of the Road" but they would eventually give up their mechanized mounts to become ground pounders. Tough pocket hanger to find in near mint condition - Vietnamese hand embroidered. $350

8th Transportation Company Patch - In 1961 the 8th Trans. Co. was the earliest helicopter company to deploy H-21s to Vietnam for combat support missions with ARVN forces. The unit was supported by the 140th CHFM for maintenance. This Japanese embroidered patch is a rare bird being oversized (7 in.) for a flight jacket. Direct from my collection and the only one I've ever seen in this size. $525

Wild Weasel 3 Patch - Japanese made patch for the most dangerous mission as a USAF combat pilot, playing the Wild Weasel with North Vietnamese SAMs. Removed from a uniform. $250

114th Aviation Company Patch - Chain stitched pocket patch for one of the earliest Air Mobile Light units to see action in Vietnam pre-1965. They were supported by the 544th CHFM. Excellent condition and off the uniform. $350

134th Assault Helicopter Patch - Nice merrowed patch for the "Demons" assault helicopter company stationed at Phu Hiep near the Cambodian border in IV Corps. Excellent condition. $225

Moonbeam Patch - Highly underrated these patches represent the 7th Airborne Command and Control Units assigned to fly overhead of SOG and LRRP teams doing cross border mission to coordinate and track Team movements and to assisst in coordinating elements needed for Team extractions. Thai made and mint, can't be upgraded. $225

RT Intruder Patch - My favorite Team patch motif in Japanese machine embroidery. SOLD

ARVN Field Police Patch - Tough patch to find and rarely found off the uniform like this one....Plus it's a printed patch which rarely survived since they're so easily worn down to threads. A real gem for the ARVN collector! $200

A/2/17 Cavalry Patch - Large Japanese made patch with the black pajama clad VC running from a mounted Cavalry trooper. Tough patch to find. $200

ARVN 4/3 Infantry Patch - 4th Battalion 3rd Infantry pocket hanger made from a field dressing bandage to a U.S. Army Advisor. Nearly impossible to find in used condition because cloth didn't survive well in the fields of Vietnam. $350

VMA-324 Patch - Marine Fixed-wing Attack Squadron 324 (DevilDogs) flew the single seater A4 Skyhawk jet to support light bomber runs for the Marines. This patch is gigantic at 5 inches, Japanese machine embroidered, unused. $90

720th Military Police Patch - Large green Vietnamese made patch for the 720th Battalion that was stationed at Long Binh providing "route" security for transport convoys. $120

Jolly Green Para-rescue Jumper (PJ) Patch - Nice Japanese machine embroidered patch for the Air Force "Buff" HH-53 helicopter units involved in rescuing downed airmen usually in unfriendly territory. $400

SAC Sentry Dog Handler Patch - Early patch, Japanese machine embroidered for Air Force Strategic Air Command Sentry Dog Unit. $350

Ranch Hand Patch - Early in it's history (1963), Ranch Hand was one of the first "Air Commandos" before the term was ever used and before they were solely spraying defoliants. They dropped flares and leaflet material and transported personel, as well as supply drops to beleaguered SF camps. SOLD

14th Air Police Squadron K-9 Patch - Super rare patch only used in 1966 when the first Dog units were established in Vietnam. This unit was stationed at Nha Trang Air Base - one of the most contested air bases during the war. The "Air" designation was dropped after that year. Vietnamese embroidered. Missing from most dog handler patch collections. $550

3/22 Recon Regulars Beercan - Super rare beercan for the recon element of the 22nd Infantry Regiment assigned to the 25th ID. The 22nd fought for FSB Burt, part of Operation YELLOWSTONE. $90

388th Security Police Squadron Patch - Thai made subdued patch removed from a uniform. $100

20th Field Maintenance Squadron Patch - Excellent US made double rocker patch. Removed from a uniform. $40

PBR Mobile Base 1 Patch - Japanese made USN Mobile Base 1 from I Corps Region. Off a uniform. $240

Rung Sat Special Zone Patch - Pocket hanger (see vertical cut on the patch) worn mostly by USN Seawolf (HAL-3) personel assigned to the zone. A tough patch to find, this one is unique in the way the sailor modified it to be a pocket hanger. $500

1st Battalion 48th Inf. Regiment Patch - Vietnamese hand embroidered patch shows two different stitching styles. A tough Vietnamese patch to find off a uniform. $140

FOB1 Blue Tooth patch - Toughest of the "Tooth" patches are those assigned to specific Forward Operating Bases (FOBs). FOB1 was MACVSOG launch site at Phu Bai in I Corps. *SOLD

1st Infantry Helicopter Patch - Nice clean American made patch. $30

Navy Support Detachment patch - Vietnamese hand embroidered off a uniform Navy Support Detachment from Bihn Thuy in IV Corps. Probably associated with PBR support. Some damage to this patch. $100

20th Preventative Medicine patch - PVNT Med was a seperate branch within the Medical Command group that went to Vietnam. The 20th PVNT was the command HQ for the other few PVNT Medicine companies in-country.Vietnamese made pocket hanger (vinyl hanger portion is missing), the patch is quilted in the green and the maroon fields. Super rare patch that most medical patch collections do not contain. $250

Marine Recon patch - Japanese embroidered, unused. Exceptionally rare to find any Marine patches from Vietnam, especially those for recon soldiers. Only one I've ever seen like this. SOLD

175th Assault Helicopter Company patch - Any chainstitched patches from Vietnam are extremely difficult to find. Subdued chainstitched are not often seen. Known as the Outlaws and Mavericks, this company was known to train the Navy Attack helicopter pilots for HAL-3 in Vietnam. SOLD

B Troop 7/17 Cavalry Aeroweapons Platoon patch - Vietnamese hand embroidered patch for the gunships of the 7th squadron/17th Cavalry. $300

SEAL S.T.A.B.s patch - Critically RARE SEAL Team Assault Boat driver's patch done in chainstitch. Missing from nearly all patch collections in this Vietnamese embroidered style. One of the rarest Vietnam patches to find. $1800

HHT 7/1 AIR CAV patch - Critically RARE Headquarters and Headquarters Troop 7/1 KING BIRD patch. A giant Vietnamese machine embroidered patch and missing from nearly all collections - plus this one is off a uniform. One of the rarest Vietnam patches. SOLD

Marine 3rd RECON Battalion patch - Critically RARE, Japanese-made Marine Recon battalion patch off a uniform or boonie hat. You can find these as Cheap Charlies but never as Japanese embroidered like this one. Any Marine patch from Vietnam that was used by the unit is considered rare. $1000

765th Army Transportation Battalion patch - 765th Transportation Battalion was located at Vung Tau when it was established in 1964. $90

Army 5th Heavy Boat pocket hanger - Vietnamese hand embroidered Army 5th Heavy Boat Transportation unit patch in pocket hanger. The unit was known as the Pacers and provided ship to shore transportation of men and material for the U.S. Army in large Vietnamese harbors. $220

VAQ-132 Squadron Patch - Japanese-made Navy Electronic Attack Squadron patch off a uniform.VAQ-132 became the first operational squadron to transition to the new EA-6B "Prowler". As the first Prowler squadron in Vietnam, VAQ-132 flew combat support flights from six different carriers on YANKEE STATION in the Gulf of Tonkin. $120
River Division 543 Patch - RARE Japanese-made River Division 543 patch in mint unused condition. $225

Cavalry Flash - Cut-edge cavalry flash, slightly longer but not as wide as special forces flashes. $45

17th Cavalry Patch - Subdued, well-used cavalry patch directly off a jacket. Elements of the 17th Cavalry (F & H Troops) served as the recon units for the brigade. $100

River Division 551 - Japanese-made patch in used condition. Formed in May 1968, River Division 551 originally served in the Rung Sat Special Zone based at Nha Be. The unit served in "Operation Foul Deck" and "Operation Giant Slingshot" which saw heavy fighting. The unit also fought in The Plain of Reeds during the Cambodian Invasion. SOLD

188 Assault Helicopter Company, Spider Gun Platoon -Vietnamese-handmade patch in un-used condition. RARE gun platoon patch for the SPIDERS. $350

High Altitude Low Opening (HALO) patch group - HALO patches are super rare. Named ones are even more rare. HALO was a unique insertion technique used by skilled SF troopers, like MACV SOG members, to silently insert behind enemy lines without helicopters to recon and gather intelligence on the enemy. This grouping comes with everything in this scan. *SOLD